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About me: Johannes Themelis

Welcome to all English-speaking visitors!


Born in Vienna in 1947.
Ph.D. University of Vienna.
For many years strategic and planning activities in a senior position with a large Austrian corporation. Lectures, seminars, and postgraduate MBA courses on macroeconomics for institutions of the University of Applied Sciences as well as at the Economic University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology. Articles on economic and social issues for different journals. In parallel, literary work since early youth.
Besides – my civilian name is Werner Schicklgruber.


Until now, my books are available in German only. However, I will translate some parts of my novels, in order to give my English-speaking guests an impression of my literary work.

Two quotes from my novels:
Man alone knows that others know that he knows.
Attempt – and not success – has made Icarus immortal!